Our Practice

Getting Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) off the ground and floating can be challenging for most business owners but this is where we come in to help. Since 2008, then starting out ourselves, we have broken the ground to grow the experiences to ensure businesses have the right legal representation, business law advice and investors to succeed. We work with client management to create the distribution and review of authority, carry out company legal health checks to keep them grounded with the best practices. We also support Legal and Human Resources (HR) departments in organisations and solve issues before they become disputes. We are your company lawyers on call.


Company Law

Also known as business law or enterprise law or sometimes company law is a law that allows us to help you govern the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses.

Arbitration and Litigation

The jurisdiction or arbitration clause is often seen as a boilerplate provision – no more than a "footnote" to the agreement, and far less important than the commercial terms of a deal.

Family and Divorce

Here we handle issues concerning matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations. In this session of the law, we deal with family matters and domestic relations to ensure partners, their family entity and any property they might have is safely taken care of / protected to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Employment Law

If you have employees, volunteers, interns, concerns about your employment contracts and are looking to understand your different obligations towards them, this is where we legally help you. We help you incorporate a human resources policy that will help employees understand your organization’s internal policies and procedures like disciplinary procedures or entitlement to holidays.

Data protection, Privacy & Technology

Helping you and your company straighten everyday legal processes that come with collecting, handling, storing or sharing personal information of individuals. Including a privacy policy on your website and ensuring that the terms and conditions are up-to-date. Additionally, we ensure that your employees understand the risks involved in using social media.

Commercial Contracts & Real Estate

Focused for clients that supply or distribute products or services and collaborate with other organizations on joint projects, to understand their contracts and the key clauses to look out for in cases. We help you solve any disputes regarding business, rent or leased property.

Mergers and Acquisition

You do not have to worry about the legal cycles that come with taking that next step in business. Do you want to expand or acquire something new, we are your legal help to ensure you seamlessly make this transition. Consolidate your companies with our help.

Corporate Criminals

Corporate crime also known as white collar crime does not have to be a terrifying offense to bring to justice. We are experienced in handling corporate cases involving even high profile, respectable people. Do not lose your image or vast amounts of money afraid to seek corporate crime justice.

Financial advice

We work with client management to create the distribution and review of authority, prepare board meetings from issuing notices to taking minutes, advise the Board and prepare work policies for the company i.e employee handbook Partnerships Shareholder control matrix. We also support Human Resources (HR) departments, involved in the hiring and firing of your employees. Advice on all legal aspects of your business from contractors to end users and advice on employee contracts.