About Us

Our Story

Our journey began in June 2008. We are a full service law firm providing unparallelled representation specializing in business law and counsel in a variety of legal practices. We are set apart by our attitude and commitment to providing the best legal solutions, despite the complexity of the modern and ever-changing regulatory system.

Our humble beginnings in starting Kabuzire, Mbabaali & Co Advocates instilled in us a great appreciation for big dreams with growing budgets and this is why we are approachable by clients big and small. We forge a deep and genuine relationship with an understanding that each business culture is different and special.


To provide a high quality, cost effective and timely legal and advisory services to our clients without compromising a high ethical and professional standard.


Exceed our client’s expectations while carrying out practice areas and emerge as the go to firm in the region.

Why Us

Wealth of experience

We carry 12 years + of experience and business professionals we have made in Uganda and abroad over the years. Our team works tirelessly to give you the best legal services you deserve.

Availability 24/7

You can sign up for legal advice and assistance with us at any one time. There is no limit on the number of requests you can make overall.


We fashion our business resolution solutions to match the clients’ current challenge while staying in stride with the legal approach.

Solid values

We nurture honesty, creativity, passion and determination. We encourage continual personal growth and learning, striving for continuous improvement to serve you beyond your expectations with the highest level of ethics and professional standards.

We understand businesses

Being a business ourselves and having weathered the challenges it takes to stay afloat, trust that we have learned lessons we can share to ensure you do not have to suffer the same. Our combined expertise in both business and law make us the perfect to hold your hand through it all.

We understand business budgets

We were once lean and therefore we know the financial hardships of businesses and in the act of acquiring legal help. Our intention is that small or big the business or the challenge, your budget is not the reason holding you back from seeking legal help with us.